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Private Sales
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Do you have an old Rolls Royce or steel rolling mill, holiday home or caravan, Lear Jet or Box kite that you no longer use? Then perhaps you would like to list on our 'Private Sales/Swap' page. This page is free for items of £ 5,000 or less (a management fee will apply for items over £ 5,000) as a means of facilitating some cash for items no longer in use. The text description must be limited to 50 words and include all necessary contact details and price, etc. Photographs may be submitted at a rate of £10 / image for a minimum display of 60 pixels x 90 pixels in size.

Your private sale or swap items shall remain subject to the constraints of time and size. Basically, as new items are listed old items are removed, unless prior arrangement has been made with the site managers.

'' reserves the right to refuse items considered contrary to company policy or prohibited for legal reasons.


All contributors must provide full name, daytime contact phone number and e-mail address for variations and/or confirmations, etc. ED.

Please, contact us for details and to submit your 'private sale' advertisement.






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